Bylaws and Mission Statement Revised on February 15, 2019; Approved March 18, 2019

Mission Statement: The Coy PGA association will enrich the educational opportunities and activities offered to all Coy students. The purpose of the Coy PGA is to enhance the educational experience of all Coy students by providing funds, rewards and socialization opportunities.

Organizational information

    PGA Committees
    • Fundraiser

    • Fall Festival

    • Spirit Wear

    • Book Fair

    • School Carnival

    • Winter Wonderland

    • Trunk or Treat

    1. PGA officers will create and maintain a manual and yearly log of events.

    2. All new proposals for fundraisers and activities must be presented at a PGA meeting and approved by a majority.

    3. All committee chairpersons will create and maintain a notebook and log of record for the event.

    4. All reimbursements from PGA fund, require a receipt and completion of the reimbursement form.

    5. The PGA will not serve or contribute to any political body.

    6. All purchases and proposals must be approved by a majority vote at a formal meeting. ***An emergency situation or incident, that directly impacts a Coy student, requiring immediate financial attention, prior to a formal scheduled meeting may be approved for a maximum of $100.00 by the President of the PGA.

    7. Any concerns/complaints must be put in writing and submitted to the Coy Principal, prior to being discussed, formally, at a scheduled meeting.

    8. The PGA will operate on a fiscal calendar: July 1 - June 30.

    9. PGA elections will take place in March of each school year *You must have a student currently attending Coy in order to serve as an officer. (odd years - Treasurer and Vice-President, even years - Secretary and President)

    10. Any approvals made by the officers outside of the official PGA meeting must be done via email and show record of voting by those officers.

    Officer Roles and Responsibilities


    • Oversee yearly planning and calendar of PGA events
    • Create and organize monthly agenda items
    • Conduct monthly meetings
    • Communicate with principal regularly
    • Create regular correspondences with staff and parents
    • Attend and assist at all major events
    • Meet with outside sources for purchases, fundraising, etc.


    • Assist in meetings
    • Assist and help organize at major functions
    • Attend monthly meetings
    • Liaison for the Boy Scout Pack
    • Make deposits
    • Pay bills as needed


    • Attend monthly meetings
    • Maintain financial records
    • Provide monthly budget and financial activity records
    • Secure bonding and financial requirements for officers
    • Secure and oversee audit at the end of each school year
    • Keep log of checks, receipts, and balances
    • Assist and help organize at major functions


    • Attend monthly meetings
    • Record monthly minutes and submit to principal monthly newsletter
    • Assist and help organize at major functions
    • Collect and organize parent volunteer database
    • Make posts and oversee the PGA Facebook page
    • Correspond with staff and parents