Principal's Message

Coy Elementary School is home to over 375 students from kindergarten through fourth grade. Our students work every day to be responsible, respectful and build relationships with each other and with the adults who help them grow and learn. Our excellent staff is comprised of individuals with a wide array of educational and life experiences that touch each child’s life daily. Our parents and grandparents also work very hard to give our students opportunities to learn outside of our walls and experience social activities that enable to them to grow into well-rounded, healthy individuals.

We are confident and proud of our continued team effort that guides our students to remain on a positive educational path which leads to lifelong learning and success!

Coy Elementary School Mission Statement:

The mission of Coy Elementary School is to foster exceptional academic achievement, lifelong learning, and social responsibility through powerful, positive relationships among its students, staff, and parents.

Amy Molnar, Coy Principal 419-693-0624

Amy Molnar