Curriculum and Instruction

Building strong foundations in literacy and number skills is the primary mission of elementary curriculum and instruction. Effective instruction begins with high-quality academic standards that outline what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade level. Ohio's Learning Standards are the basis for our curriculum maps, learning targets, and lesson plans.

High quality instruction in OCS K-4 classrooms includes research-backed practices such as the use of formative assessment data to guide instruction, flexible groupings, explicit phonics instruction and comprehensive interventions for students experiencing learning challenges. We also offer intensive instruction for students with multiple disabilities, emotional disturbances, and intellectual disabilities.

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    The purpose of assessment is to measure students’ level of mastery of the standards. Oregon City Schools utilizes several tools -- some mandated, others chosen -- to measure and evaluate student knowledge of standards and their acquisition of skills. Examples of formal assessments we use to make local instructional decisions include STAR Early Literacy, Reading and Math assessments, the Development Reading Assessment and teacher-developed, grade level based common assessments.

    Annual state mandated testing includes the Ohio State Tests for English language arts and math for grades three and four. Click here for more information regarding the Ohio State Tests.

    Intervention & Enrichment

    At the elementary level, students receive intervention and enrichment in addition to their core instruction during a set-aside period called “ICE Time.” During ICE, or Intervention, Computer, and Enrichment Time, students receive small group intervention services, use technology to practice skills, and/or engage in activities designed to help students deepen their knowledge. No core instruction takes place during this time so students aren’t missing important information. Research based practices used during small group instruction include Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory reading strategies, close reading instruction, writing, and math help. Title 1 teachers and tutors, intervention specialists, and general education teachers provide the instruction.

    Ohio's Third Grade Guarantee

    The Third Grade Reading Guarantee is a support program that spans kindergarten through grade 3. Under the guarantee, teachers assess each student’s reading skills at the beginning of each school year. If a student is reading below grade level, the school creates a reading improvement plan for the child. That plan includes extra reading help right away and for as long as the child needs it.

    So far, the guarantee has helped most students get back on track in reading by the end of the school year. A student who has not gained third-grade reading skills before the fourth grade begins must continue in third grade to build his or her reading skills.

    For more information about the Third Grade Guarantee, please click the links below or talk with your child's teacher.